One convenient way of entering Croatia for many British Travellers is to fly from London Stansted to Trieste in Italy and then onwards by road into Croatia.

So just a few lines to tell you what to expect. You will have noted already probably that Trieste Airport is in fact about 25kms from Trieste itself, so allow plenty of time on your return journey. First if you are hiring a car from Trieste, make sure you have permission to take it into Croatia. They will usually ask you but check anyway. You will not encounter very much difficulty with that. On leaving the airport, turn left on to the dual carriageway and soon you will reach a roundabout.  You will see signs for the motorway which is reached within a few minutes.  Venice is in one direction and Trieste the other. You take the Trieste direction and immediately enter a peage section. This is no more than five miles or so, before the payment booths. Your charge will be around 1 euro.

Continue on along this motorway for about another 15 miles or so and soon you will see signs for Slovenia and Croatia. There are two alternative routes here, both signposted; the first being a little more straightforward. It depends really on where you are journeying to. If you are going to Rijeka, ultimately you will come to the same point in Slovenia whichever way you now choose but if you are going to Pula, you will be better taking the earlier turn. The drive through Slovenia takes about 30 minutes and is very pleasant. If you need fuel, it may be better to put in just a minimum amount to get you into Slovenia where fuel is cheaper than in Italy. The Euro is accepted widely in Slovenia and there is no need to get local currency unless you wish to. Most cards are acceptable too, including Royal Bank of Scotland Maestro debit cards.  Also be warned, if you are going to Rijeka, the route takes you through Slovenian villages and past a number of school crossings and you should ensure your speed accords with the signs. I have seen quite a number of people stopped on this road after going through radar traps or just by traffic cars.

Dont be concerned at the border points. Just show your passport and if you are an EU citizen, more than likely you will just be waved through. I have done this journey dozens of times and have never been asked for any other document except passport and it seems they are not interested in stamping it. For visitors from outside the EU, you should have no problem getting a Visa at the Croatian border provided you have the correct paperwork. If you are with an organised tour, they will handle everything but independent travellers from outside the EU, must have an invitation from the accommodation provider or a tourist bureau contaning either a company seal or a notary's stamp. Theoretically you may also be asked to show means of support whilst in Croatia...a credit card will do nicely.

At the check points you may find yourself stopping twice in quick succession. The first guy is simply interested in your passport and a few yards further on, the customs guys will also want to see the passport but their concern is if you have anything to declare. After that you will be on your way very quickly. Just before entry into Croatia you will find (during the season) a number of change booths if you wish to get some Kunas. But the Croatia Motorway (autocesta) tolls may be paid in Euros if you wish or by cards. Some service and rest areas but by no means all, have cash dispensers. Dont forget when you are driving in Croatia you should display your side lights as a minimum at all times of the day and night and preferably dipped headlights. Drinking and driving is not tolerated and the tolerance level is zero alcohol.

For those travelling by public transport from Trieste, first take the airport bus to the city centre and the bus to your destination from there.

When you arrive at your destination, if you are an independent traveller, that is, not on an organised tour, you must register with the Local Police within 24 hours. You will hear many say it doesn't matter but it does and recently they are tightening up on this considerably.  Although it is unlikley to occur, there is the power to deport for transgression of this rule. In any case its quite painless. Those on organised tours and often some private accomodation will deal with this for you. You may find they will ask you to pay the Tourist Tax of about 1 euro per day.