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Coronado Golf & Beach Resort, 1.5 drive west of Panama City, see: http://www.coronadoresort.com/

DeCameron Golf Course, located at the DeCameron Resort, Farallón Beach, 2 hour drive west of Panama City.

Panama City Golf Course: Panama City, San Miguelito area, see:



Santa Maria Golf & Country County (Future/Planned), Costa del Sol, between Tocumen International Airport & Panama City, see: http://www.santamariapanama.com/eng/l...

Summit Golf Course, located about 35-40 minute drive north of Panama City on the road to Gamboa & by-past to the transmission highway, see:



Tucín Country Club & Resort, west bank of the canal, see: http://www.tucancountryclub.com/

Vista Mar Golf Club, 1.7 hour drive west of Panama City, see:



Night Life/Clubs:


Many casinos in the city at all major hotels, clubs/restaurants on Via Veneto & the near the Marriott Hotel, Via Uruguay, Via Argentina, Balboa (Amador) Yacht Club & on the islands at the end of Amador Causeway (Panama’s South Beach). Pangea’s off Via Argentina, see www.pangeapanama.com , Casco Viejo (Antiguo)

Things to see & do:


Panama City area:

Old Panama (Panamá Viejo) destroyed by the Pirate Capt Morgan.

New old town: Casco Viejo: city build after the destruction of Panamá Viejo by Capt Morgan. This is the combined “barrios” of San Felipe, Santa Ana & El Chorrillo. Central Avenue is the a close street-“walking mall” for shopping, Ave B is the Asian shopping street with bargain shops. “Sale se Puedes” is a side street close by vendor with shops in the middle of the street, warning “Sale se Puedes” translates to “get out if you can”, good bargains and I’ve never personally known of anyone not to get out, but “¿quien sabes?”

Amador Causeway: Shopping/clubs/yacht facility including Mi Ranchito Restaurant first island on the right, best view, prices & view. Balboa (Amador) Yacht Club before the causeway (Amador) by the TGI Friday/Town & Country Inn. See http://www.balboayachtclub.com/

Balboa: Shopping at the Artisan Center back side of the YMCA building in the old gym for gifts & souvenirs.

Azuero Peninsula:

including Las Tablas, Pedasi & the beaches in this area. This area is a 5-6 hour drive west of Panama City. Best B&B Casita Margarita email peashooter@gmail.com website www.pedasihotel.com

Beaches-west of Panama City:

1-2 hour drive, beaches include Chame, Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, Rio Mar, Santa Clara & Farallon. The PanAm highway “dips” down along the coast in this area & the beaches in this area stretch for about 40-50 kilometers. Hotel Coronado: Gaviota Hotel, Coronado http://www.hotelgaviotapanama.com/ind... Coronado phone 240-4526, Panama phone 224-9056 Also the DeCameron & Breezes all-inclusive resorts are located on these beaches.Canopy Tower Bird Watching Sanctuary: Gamboa Road, between Summit Gardens & one-way bridge to Gamboa: http://www.canopytower.com/error.lasso

David, Boquette, El Volcan & Chiriqui Province:

This area is a 6 - 61/2 hour drive west of Panama City.

Very popular for the higher elevation & cooler temperatures located north of David.

El Valle:

Volcanic area 1½ hour drive west of Panama City, week end flee markets, mud bathes, Zoo & a number of excellent B&Bs. Also a number of great B&Bs.

See http://www.el-valle-panama.com/

Miraflores Locks tourist center:

museum, viewing area of the locks operation & restaurant. See: http://www.pancanal.com/eng/anuncios/...

Summit Gardens Zoo & Gardens just past the “Y” to Gamboa on Gamboa Road.




Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to the canal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island. See http://www.tabogaislandpanama.com/

Eco Sites:


Barro Colorado Island: Gatun Lake, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, see: http://www.stri.si.edu/english/visit_...

Canopy Tower Bird watching: near Gamboa, see:



Eco Tours: http://panamatraveltours.com/about_us...

Embera Village, see:



Gamboa Rain Forrest Resort: see: http://www.gamboaresort.com/

Panama Railroad, Though not eco itself, you will see a lot by riding the train. see:



Playa Venao: Azuero Peninsular, El Sitio beach & surf resort, see:



Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Ancon, see: http://www.stri.si.edu/




Taboga Island: Located just south of the Pacific entrance to the canal, about a 35 minute launch ride to the island. See: http://www.tabogaislandpanama.com/

Torti, Panama: about 2 hour drive east of Panama City toward the Darien includes the Hotel Avicar and Restaurant Avicar. The hotel, is a 10 room hotel with swimming pool. Prices ranges depending on the occupancy (beds) from 35.00 to 50.00 US Dollars. The food at the restaurant is a la carte and it ranges from 3.00 to 5.00 US Dollars (steak with rice and salad). Bird watching & jungle tours, for more information contact Luis Gonzalez Nelson at

luis_gnelson@hotmail.com or see: www.hotelavicar.com


Tranquilo Bay Eco Lodge: Bocas del Toro, see: http://www.tranquilobay.com/home.htm

Whale Watching: