Xiamen boasts subtropical marine weather that feels as if a sort of Spring has been stretched along 12 months. It is warm and fairly rainy all over the year, there is a rainy season, though, that goes from May to July. The fantastic weather enables the visitors and locals to engage in outdoor activities from golfing to visiting all the beautiful parks and gardens in and around town; the high humidity levels guarantee a lush and exotic vegetation all around Xiamen.

Temperatures annualy average the 21 grades centigrades; over Summer time, temperatures eventually hit the 40 grades centigrades. The lowest temperatures can go as 2 grades centigrades low in Winter.

Between July and September, expect typhoons to hit Xiamen. There are five to six typhoons per year. Be attentive to Xiamen's observatory warnings given at least a day before the typhoon hits the coast. The warnings include information about the areas to be affected as well as the location of the center of the typhoon. Keep tuned to local news for upated information about the direction that the typhoon takes and its speed. Usually, activities such as Xiamen's ferry service are suspended and stores closed; employees are given a day leave. Even if the area where you are won't be directly hit by the typhoon, expect storms or heavy rains