Foreign visitors to India may find Chandigarh disappointing, as it lacks the 'sensory overload' the rest of India is known for. The city designed by Le Corbusier in the 50s as the new capital of Punjab is very good for its residents because of its geometrically planned road network, large green spaces, low traffic, practically no pollution and a general sense of order. For the same reasons it may not be very interesting for a visitor in search of exotic India. However, it can provided a welcome break for those who are tired of the unrelenting assault on the senses from more interesting places like Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. The sights of Chandigarh like the Sukhna Lake, rock garden, rose garden, secretariat, assembly and the High Court can comfortably fill one leisurely day. There are interesting excursions to Bhakra Dam, Patiala City, Sirhind, Nalagarh Fort and Kasauli - all within a couple of hours' drive from Chandigarh. The city is easily reached from Delhi by Rail, Air and Bus in two to four hours, and provides good options for accommodation and dining at prices that are about half of comparable places in Delhi.