Tips for getting around in Fukuoka.

  • Fukuoka City Subway 1 Day Pass

620 yen. 510 yen wekend and public holiday discount will not be applied in autumn 2016.

820 yen and 1,340 yen. Both cover Fukuoka City Subway, JR Lines (Kagoshima Line, Uminonakamichi to Takeshita via Kashii and Hakata), Nishitetsu Bus (Fukuoka City Area), and Showa Bus (Meinohama to Marinoa City). They do not include JR Lines westbound from Meinohama (Chikuhi Line) and Sasaguri Line (Nanzoin direction). 1,340 Pass only covers Nishitstsu train from Tenjin-Fukuoka to Dazaifu.

Nishitesu runs 100 yen loop bus in Tenjin/Hakata area. The loop bus can be easily identified by the direction. It shows 100 within a circle. The idea is similar to Melbourne tram system. When you ride other bus within the loop, 100 yen is charged to your smart card, such as Hayakaken, SUGOCA, ICOCA, etc.

This covers Nishitetsu train between Tenjin and Yanagawa/Dazaifu, along with Nishitetsu bus lines in Fukuoka, Kurume, Saga and Chikuho. The fare is 2,060 yen.