Pulau Perhentian Kechil is about 4 kms long and a km wide at its widest and tapering down to a couple of 100 metres at the northern end. It is 21 kms off the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the South China Sea. The highest points are about 1000 feet. It is a jungle clad at the back and crystal clear waters in front. Monitors lizards, pit vipers, leaf snakes, phythons, tokay gheckos and red bushy tailed squirrels inhabit these islands. There are aggresive monkeys in the jungle on the northern edge of the island and one must carry a stick for intimidation when hiking here. Huge monitor lizards come right up to people, looking for garbage to eat. During the migration season like now end October, a flock of  white egrets and a black egret were spotted feeding on the beach. There are 2  famous beaches are Long Beach and Coral Bay. Long Beach on the eastern seaboard is the most popular tourist haunt with its drinking and music. This is also where the majority of dive shops are located. Coral Bay on the western side is the peaceful and quiet, lovers and family haunt with its spectacular sunsets.  Being a Marine Park the Marine Department collects a RM5 levy on every visitor at the Kuala Besut Jetty. Both beaches are not allowed to build jetties to preserve the Marine Park environment as such visitors have to avail themselves of water taxis to get to shore from the speedboats at RM2 per person per way. Or get wet. There are also smaller beaches, some with accomodation.  There is all types of accomodation available as well as dive shops. Room rates can range from RM50 (USD17) to RM1,000 (USD250) per night. Fun dives are around RM70 per dive whilst Open Water Courses are around RM700. Monsoon rains are not expected till after mid November. The waves are 1 feet on rough days and flat on good days. The winds are calm (less than 5mph) and variable, changing between southwesterly and northeasterly. The diving is amazing.