Dont hike to the waterfalls after its been raining 

After it's been raining the river is pretty fierce and the trail to the waterfalls is pretty dangerous.

If you're wondering about Malaria, according to the director of the local clinic, there hasn't been one case of malaria in the region in more than 20 years.

Don't forget that you are only 9.5 deg from the equator, and it always gets dark around 6pm, and it goes from dusk to dark very very quickly!  The trails here are sometimes tricky when you can see where you are going, do not get stuck on one after dark!!

PLEASE DO NOT hike up to the waterfall when is raining or just stop raining a head water can come down at any moment and this is very dangerous. A week ago a tourist was lost for this very same reason.

Montezuma Waterfall - Montezuma, Costa Rica.