Few cities personify the vibrancy of a contemporary African city better than Pietermaritzburg. Steeped in a history that speaks of Zulu, Boer, British and Indian influences, the city is a cultural treasure trove brimming with diversity and colour.

Offering a full spectrum of cultural engagements, it comes as no surprise that Pietermaritzburg lays claim to being the city of choice for culture. Much as its architectural structures and statues reflect a rich historical legacy, Pietermaritzburg and its surroundings offer a veritable feast of present-day experiences.

Pietermaritzburg, set amidst forested hills and the rolling countryside of the Natal-Midlands, is one of the best-preserved Victorian cities in the world. The city is the administrative capital of the province and is centrally situated between Durban, the Drakensberg and KwaZulu-Natal's game reserves on the main N3 highway between Johannesburg and Durban; Pietermaritzburg is approximately 80km north of Durban by road.

Pietermaritzburg is the gateway between Johannesburg and Durban and many bus services, rail services and taxis are available on a daily basis. 

The passenger rail system in Pietermaritzburg is not used between suburbs but only between towns along the N3 highway towards Johannesburg, so remember it is not regarded as city transportation.

The city offers an airport known as Oribi Airport. This airstrip is not an international airport but offers excellent national destinations and inter-city flights.

The bus services are outstanding as you could choose from many different routes and with all the companies providing a great service.

Taxis are plentiful and provide helpful information and useful trips around the city and suburbs. Metered taxicabs operate in all major cities and towns. You will find taxi ranks at transport terminals, major hotels or shopping centers or you can hail taxis in the street.