Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting LEGOLAND California... 

When you visit LEGOLAND bring your AAA card.  You will receive a substantial discount at the ticket booth.  They also often run promotions where if you spend a certain amount at a gift shop and have a AAA card you will receive a discount as well.  These promotions are not always in effect but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Most rides at LEGOLAND are accessible by height.  The minimum being 34 inches.  If your child happens to be on the short side it helps to put them in thick soled shoes to make the height clearence. Otherwise you may find yourself looking at rides rather than riding them.

It might be helpful to bring a bathing suit or a change of clothing as there is an area where the kids can get a little wet by running through a fountain.  There are large dryer's for them to stand in front of and dry off but they are only minimally effective.  

LEGOLAND differs quite a bit from Disneyland.  It is much smaller and easier to navigate.  There is healthy food available for the kids including organic baby yogurt and soy products.  Also because it is geared towards a younger age group it is quieter and a more relaxing experience.

Throughout the park there are employees who take your photograph.  Sometimes they ask and sometimes they don't.  Be aware that these employees, and the ones who work at the booth where you review the photographs taken of you,  have a quota to meet.

During any time other than the summer and holidays the park is not crowded and it isn't necessary to purchase VIP parking.  Even during the summer the walk is short compared to Disneyland.

If you decide to buy a yearly pass after you have already purchased a day admission just go to the membership booth and you will receive a credit for the day pass towards a yearly membership.  if you purchase a membership plus pass they will also give you credit for the $8.00 you spent on parking.

Here are some ways to purchase tickets online: