Carlsbad is a city that offers lots of festivals throughout the year. Some of the local events take place on an annual basis, and some are one-time special events. However, all of the events are unique and full of entertainment.

Here are some of the festivals and events that take place in Carlsbad:

ArtSplash: This event has been an annual happening in Carlsbad during the month of September for the past four years. It’s a free event and it promotes the artistic qualities of the city. Some examples of what can be seen at ArtSplash are chalk paintings, live artists, live theatrical performances, and a sampling of gourmet food.

Carlsbad Village Faire: The Faire takes place two times a year – the first Sunday in May and the first Sunday in November. Both of the Faires are huge events – with about 850 different vendors and booths for visitors to see. All sorts of unique items are sold here and it’s a great place to shop for gifts!

Carlsbad Art in the Village: This is an event that is held on the second Sunday in August every year. This art show features primarily fine art creations from local as well as national artists. There is live music and great food for all visitors to enjoy.