Travelers interested in reading about Oakland before heading there should check out the following books:

  • “Blues City: A Walk In Oakland” by Ishmael Reed is a literary walking tour of the area which is sure to be enjoyed by all sorts of Oakland visitors. .
  • “No There There: Race, Class and Political Community in Oakland” by Chris Rhomberg will give visitors insight in to the specific socio-political situation of the area. .
  • “Oakland (Images of America)” by Walter C. Kidney is a photographic exploration of the area which is sure to excite travelers about an upcoming trip there. .
  • “Oakland (Postcard History)” by Annalee Allen offers images of the area to be enjoyed by travelers both before and after their visit. .
  • “Our World: The Children of Oakland” by Marianne Thomas highlights the beauty of the diversity of the area through showing pictures of children living there today. .
  • “Stadium Stories: Oakland Raiders; Colorful Tales of the Silver and Black” by Tom LaMarre is a terrific book for sports fans traveling to the area and wanting to learn more about the favorite professional team there. .
  • “The Second Gold Rush: Oakland and the East Bay in World War II” by Marilynn S. Johnson gives travelers some information about a specific section of the history of Oakland. .