Many people associate Oakland too closely with its San Francisco neighbor to know that Oakland is a beautiful travel destination all year long.  When the rain is pouring down in San Francisco at the beginning of the year, Oakland is seeing lighter showers which are more intermittent and easier to enjoy.  When the summer winds make San Francisco locals turn the collars up on their jackets and question why they live in such a breezy climate, the college kids head over to Oakland for some summer sun tanning.

Winter is the rainy season in Oakland.  It almost never rains at all during the summer months, and the first rains don’t usually start to rear up in the skies until late October or early November.  The rains may continue on for several months, but this does not mean that it is constantly rainy.  Instead, there are chances of rain throughout the winter, but there are often as many sunny days as there are rainy ones.  Travelers who dislike humidity will be happy to know that the dry months of summer also mean that the warmest months are the least humid.

Updated weather information for Oakland can be found online at or and longer term forecasts for the area are also online at .