Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester. She married him in 1862 and was happily married to him until 1866, when her daughter Annie died of a mysterious childhood disease. Sarah fell into a deep depression and in 1881 her husband died from tuberculosis. These two events marked her life. She then consulted a spiritualist who told her that she was haunted by the spirits of people killed by Winchester rifles. The spiritualist told her to move west and build a large house to appease these spirits. As long as the construction continued, her life would be safe. She moved to San Jose in 1884 and bought a farm house. For the next 38 years she kept making additions to the Queen Anne style Victorian mansion that she built. The mansion does not seem to have a master plan at all,but people say that many servants have mysteriously dissapeared in  the large house.