There are several notable areas of nightlife in San Jose. 

Restaurants open till late night and early morning in each of the following areas.

(1) Downtown San Jose.  With historic anchors like the San Jose Center for Performing Arts, Camera 3 Theaters and San Jose State University's Music Department, where live performances and films of artistic merit are regularly seen, this area has seen a major revival since 1980.  Joining the three more historical anchors are newer entertainment venues like the HP Pavilion (formerly known as the Shark Tank), the California Opera Theater and Le Petit Trianon (also known as Mother Olsen's Inn) besides a host of dance clubs, comedy clubs and more theaters which frequently remain active past midnight.

(2) Lion City at the intersection of South King Rd (which turns into Silver Creek Rd) and Tully Rd has been a bit of a cultural center for the newer Chinese and Vietnamese communities since the 1970's.  It is a frequented scene of many dance clubs, also regularly active past midnight.

(3) And newest on the scene is Santana Row. Be ready for some fun on this street.

What was once a red light district on 1st, 2nd and 3rd streets has all but vanished since the revitalization and construction of the San Jose Convention Center and surrounding infrastructure in the 1980's.  Now called the SoFA district, it hosts a vital nightlife scene with reputable nightspots like Agenda, Angels, and South First Billiards Club and Lounge providing a clean, hip nightlife for locals and visitors alike.