San Jose has many performing arts options including theatre, opera, and ballet.  The city is home to many venues where visitors can experience performances, each with their own style, culture, and history. 

One unique performing arts organization in the city is the Mexican Heritage Plaza, a multifaceted arts community which has dedicated itself to the preservation of Mexican arts and heritage in San Jose.  They offer educational classes, readings, theatre, music, and visual arts displays.  Their performance space is also available for rental.  See their website for performances and tickets.

San Jose's Northside Theatre Company, founded in 1978, is known nationwide for its development of new plays.  The company puts on an average of six productions a year.  Tickets and information are available at their website.   

The San Jose Opera House is also nationally known for its excellent performances.  With its resident company of principal artists, the Opera House has been housed in its current home since 2004, a renovated 1927 historic Vaudeville house. 

American Musical Theater  is the main musical theater in San Jose.  AMTSJ generally shows 5-6 shows, generally of high caliber.  The same shows would have just been in Las Vegas or Los Angeles the week before for example, as they like to show top notch musicals from traveling companies.  One of the highlights of  the 2005-2006 season for example was The Lion King. 

Also, special events, such as the traveling company of Cirque du Soleil, oftentimes plays in the area. 

In the summer, there are concerts in the park.  This is a free attraction that is lot of fun for the entire family.