San Jose does have a couple of view restaurants. 


Scotts Seafood in downtown San Jose area is top on the list.  It has good seafood, view of San Jose, and you can even see some of the airlines flying over head as they make their approach to San Jose airport. 

For entrées of the $15 range, with a view of  patio/fountains, the outdoor portion of the downtown San José location of the Sonoma Chicken Coop restaurant chain is a popular place to go, especially on a warm evening.  It can be extremely noisy however, requiring any conversations to be done with raised voices or sign language.

View from above on the East 

If you go out Mt. Hamilton road and keep driving (till you say - I must have missed it) you will find Mt. Hamilton Grandview Restaurant.  This has a spectacular view of the Santa Clara Valley.  The food  is "mid 1960's deluxe" meaning its steak and seafood but with 1960 style decor.  The view of the Santa Clara valley is best when the sun is setting.  However, the view of the valley from above can often be obscured in haze during daylight hours.

View from above on the West .  Wow what a view! 

Bella Vista Continental Restaurant.  $$$  13451 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, (650) 851-1229.  This restaurant deserves special mention because one may never find it in Tripadvisor's reviews.  One will never find it, especially, if only looking within San Jose. In fact, the city of Woodside is not even found in Tripadvisor.  The restaurant's location is about one hour of driving northwest of San Jose on the ridge of the coastal mountain range amidst redwood trees.  When it is not socked in by fog, the night-time views of the entire South San Francisco Bay area are unmatched.  The food is excellent too.  It is regularly featured as the "most romantic" dining experiences in guides and reviews. Reservations are required many days, weeks and months in advance especially for tables with views.