From the distinctive tower of the Renaissance Vinoy to the modernistic inverted pyramid design of the Pier, St. Petersburg takes great pride in its different architectural styles.   

  Municpal Parking Building

A lot can be said about a city's dedication to its beauty through architecture, and St. Petersburg shows its dedication through a number of artistic embellishments like the beautiful stonework on the side of the Municipal Service Center Parking Facility.  Scattered throughout the downtown area are numerous parks, many with grand statues or other sort of artistic touch (like the obelisk in Pioneer Park). There are, in fact, so many statues throughout the numerous city parks that the city runs a contest from time to time with awards given to the first to be able to tell where a particular statue is.

St.Petersburg has some beautiful architecture dating throughout the 1900's. While that may not sound impressive to our European friends, the public buildings built between 1900 and the 1930's often have the most interesting architectural styles. The Great Depression followed by war after war put a dampener on artistic expression through public buildings (and commercial ones) that has only been lifted in the last twenty or so years.

Much of the architecture to be found downtown is Beaux Arts with a smattering of differing Revival styles.  Kenwood Historic District has a good representation of the Craftsman Arts & Crafts bungalows that were popular at the turn of the century following the lavishness of the Victorian styles. Many sites in St. Petersburg are on the  National Registry.