Located in the upper Midwest, Covington's climate is temperate, the region experiencing all four seasons.  The summers in Covington can get quite warm, the average temperature there during July and August being in the mid-80's.  Summer is also a popular time for many visitors to come to the city as they can best enjoy all of its outdoor shopping and attractions, its river boats and Cincinnati Reds baseball games at Riverfront Park just across the Ohio River. 

Spring and fall are also nice times to visit, the temperatures often pleasant and in the 70's.  During these months most of the city's outdoor attractions are open and are often less crowded than in the summer.

Covington during the winter has weather which can sometimes include snow, but not frequently, and temperatures averaging in the 30's and 40's.  Many people also come to the city during the winter, especially business travelers, as it is a major destination for meetings and conventions.

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