The city of Covington is located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and is in close proximity to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which is among the busiest in the United States.  The airport is, in fact, actually located in Kentucky, just over the state line.  Getting to the Cincinnati Airport is fairly pain-free, as all major U.S. and many European airlines fly there.  It is also a hub airport for Delta Airlines in the United States.  See the airport's website for a listing of other airlines which fly there.

To get to Covington from CNK International, travelers have a few options.  Perhaps the easiest of these is to take a taxi.  Taxis are available nearly everywhere it seems, and are very fast and reliable.  The drive into Covington from the airport is only about 15 minutes.

Car rentals are also available at the airport, which has offices representing all of the United States' major car rental companies.  Your car rental office will provide you with a map of the area when you pick up your car.  The Covington area is easy to get around in and drivers in the city are generally courteous. 

Lastly, if you are arriving in the area with a group of people who are all going to the same place, you may consider renting a private limousine to pick you up.  A listing of companies offering this service is available by clicking here