Getting tourist board information right before and even during your vacation in Bangor, Maine, can really help you benefit from the most up-to-date details about the region you are visiting. Perhaps there is a festival occurring that is new on the calendar that a tourist board can help you with.

Maine has a great online tourist board that will provide a free traveler's guide upon request. They also have an interactive map and list the calendar of events and provide promotions for areas of interest and accommodations. Click here to be directed to their contact page and to request a free brochure. They also have a section dedicated to the city of Bangor.

For more information and travel advice specifically in Bangor, visit the Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau online. They have an event calendar for the city. Like the state's tourist board, they provide many promotions, coupon books, and travel package deals so make sure to check their promotional section. For more information, click here to be directed to their contact page. You an also visit the city's online Chamber of Commerce for business information and more community sponsored events.