The filming location of the 1975 film “Jaws,” Oak Bluffs is actually a very safe place. Visitors shouldn’t have to worry too much about sharks or crime. The most common type of petty theft is in fact items stolen from parked cars. Still while you’re on the go, or on the beach be sure to keep an eye on your possessions. Likewise at night avoid unlit streets, but most of the time male and female visitors should be able to feel at ease while visiting Oak Bluffs, which offers a generally welcoming attitude to tourists.

Watch your possessions while you’re heading out, and don’t flash large sums of money. Use the same common sense that would use whenever you’re away from home. For the most part you shouldn’t have any problems in Oak Bluffs.

This small coastal town is especially inviting in the summer months but visitors should be wary of poison ivy plants, which have spread in the island’s interior. Ticks are also a problem on the Vineyard, so if you’re planning on a nature hike be sure to wear appropriate clothing or insect repellent especially if you’re venturing into the woods.

On the beach the big concern probably won’t be sharks but there has been some serve erosion, and visitors are advised to stay on the paths.