West Yellowstone is located in the mountains and has very changeable weather during all seasons.  In general, the area has long, cold winters, the low temperature averaging -1 F in January.  Its summers are cool and pleasant with the highs averaging in the 70's during the day.  No matter what the season though, the weather in West Yellowstone can turn quickly, being sunny one minute and storming the next, so visitors are advised to dress in layers, even during the summer, and carry portable rain gear. 

West Yellowstone is popular with visitors during all times of year.  During the summer and fall hikers and nature lovers flood the mountain town looking to enjoy its pristine countryside and abundant wildlife.  The area's often sunny summer days and cool temperatures add to its appeal.   Wintertime is ski season in West Yellowstone, and ski and snow board enthusiasts come from far and wide to enjoy its slopes each year.

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