Many Portsmouth visitors have found that it is helpful to read about Portsmouth before traveling to the area.  Travel guides can provide useful information for the planning stages of a trip to the area and visitors often find that just reading about the area can increase their excitement about their plans to explore it.  Some of the top choices for books read by Portsmouth travelers include:

  • “Moon Handbooks New Hampshire” is a comprehensive travel guide providing information specific to Portsmouth as well as information useful for travelers planning to also explore the surrounding area. .
  • J.E. Fender’s account of Geoffrey Frost who was an important figure in Portsmouth history is told in multi-book saga format.  One of the best books in that saga is “Our Lives, Our Fortunes: Continuing the Account of the Life and Times of Geoffrey Frost, Mariner, of Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, as Faithfully Translated from the Ming Tsun.”  The book can be learned about and purchased at .
  • “Portsmouth and Coastal New Hampshire: A Photographic Portrait” is a visual exploration of areas which very likely may be of interest to the Portsmouth visito. .
  • “The Placenames of Portsmouth: Being an Anecdotal Stroll Through the Centuries And Neighborhoods of Portsmouth, New Hampshire” by Nancy Wright Grossman is a look at the history and culture of the area over time. .
  • Also from Nancy Grossman and her husband John, "Portsmouth: New Hampshire's Colonial Capital, 2007-2008," the first comprehensive guidebook to Portsmouth in decades. The Grossmans plan to update it annually in an attempt to keep up with the everchanging face of this lively little tourist destination. Part history, part walking tours, plus information on things to do, shopping, dining, lodging and more. 
  • For current local events, hotels, shopping, historic sites, and restaurants, go to: