Summer is the time to visit Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The hottest months of the year, August and July, are comfortably cool.  Average summer high temperature at this time is just below eighty degrees and average summer nighttime lows are approximately twenty degrees cooler.  There is some humidity, making the days a bit warm in the early afternoons, but it is not uncomfortable and is often mitigated by summer breezes.

Winter time can be enjoyable in Portsmouth but only for those people who like the cold and the snow.  The average winter high temperature in late December and early January (typically the coldest times of the year) is just under freezing temperature at approximately thirty degrees.  The average low temperature can get down in to the teens. 

The rainy season comes twice a year in Portsmouth.  In the spring, there is a mild rainy season.  The summer finds the weather most dry, although showers are possible.  The peak of the rainy season comes in the late fall and early winter.  Humidity levels are generally highest just before the autumn storms begin, with September usually being the most humid month.  Updated weather information is available online at Weather Underground ( ) or Yahoo! Weather ( ).