By car:  Many travelers reach Portsmouth via car from origin points throughout the United States.  Portsmouth is located very close to a number of major cities.  For example, it is less than an hour’s driving time from Boston and approximately two hundred and fifty miles from New York City.  Travelers living in these locations often spend long weekends in the area and visitors to these other locations may find that a weekend trip to Portsmouth is worth the drive.  Travelers will almost undoubtedly reach Portsmouth by traveling along Interstate 95.  Specific driving directions can be located at

By plane:  Travelers can reach Portsmouth via international airports located in nearby large cities.  Logan International Airport in Boston is the most commonly used airport for reaching the area.  Portland International Airport is another frequently used option.  There is a small airport located in Portsmouth itself (Pease Airport: ) which is occasionally used by travelers connecting from one of those other major airports.  However, it is recommended that travelers head to one of the major airports and then rent a car and travel to Portsmouth.

Other methods:   There are other options for reaching Portsmouth, including bus and train options.   More information is online at .