Getting to and from Erie is a cinch.

If you are driving into town from out of state, odds are you will be relying upon I-90, West or East.  From New York state and eastward, take I-90 until you hit the Erie exits, or take U.S. Route 5 West to the city.  You can also take the Holland Tunnel to I-80 until you hit I-79 North, turning onto the latter to enter Erie.  

Coming from other cities in Pennsylvania, getting to I-79—by way of 80 from either I-476 from the Philadelphia area, I-279 from Pittsburgh, or I-76 from Harrisburg—is probably your best bet.  Coming from the West, take 90 East to 79 North.

Or you can fly, which is much quicker and equally easy.  Given the relatively small size of Erie, Pennsylvania when compared to that of other major metro areas in the state, it is sort of surprising that the Erie International Airport is serviced by US Air, Delta, Northwest, and Continental.  Erie International flies travelers to and from not just Erie County, but from northeastern Ohio and southwestern New York as well.  Within the last year, air traffic at this locale has increased and construction projects indicative of renovation and expansion continued into 2006.

Historically a town of transport, getting to Erie is as easy as ever.