Owning your own vehicle is not necessary in this city, as the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) provides reliable transit for its inhabitants.  Fares are $1.35, with transfers at $0.35. A day pass can also be purchased, enabling riders to ride EMTA coaches for a full day, unlimited, for $2.70.

Just last summer, EMTA unveiled its new trolley system—a touristy transportation trend that has really been sweeping the country the last two years.  These vehicles set to seat up to twenty people, are air conditioned for summer comfort and are designed with the most attentive detail in both the brass and mahogany that comprise their nostalgic exteriors.  For more info on public transportation in Erie check here .

Erie encourages public ridership further through another program, LIFT, which undertakes direct pick up and drop offs.  LIFT operates outside Erie city into areas not serviced by EMTA but still within Erie County limits.  Transportation by LIFT, however, requires an application submission to its administrative office and is therefore probably not worth the hassle for a vacationer.

On-demand taxi service in Erie is primarily handled by Erie Yellow Cab. Newer services, such as Uber, are also available, serving the City of Erie and immediate suburban areas.