Here are a few folks and items with roots in Knoxville, Tennessee.

·        Roy Acuff, country singer

·        James Agee, Pulitzer prize winning writer

·        Chet Atkins, musician

·        Marilou Awiakta, writer

·        Charlotte Barr, poetry writer

·        Polly Bergen, actress & singer

·        Brian Bell, guitarist for music group “Weezer”

·        William Blount, U.S. Statesman

·        Rebecca Brandewyne, romance writer

·        Carl Butler, musician

·        Julie Cannon, writer

·        Tamika Catchings, WNBA basketball player

·        Kenny Chesney, country music singer

·        Henry Cho, comedian

·        Mary Costa, voice used in Disney movies

·        Linda Cousins, writer

·        John Cullum, actor, TV series “Northern Exposure,” Tony Award winner

·        Lowell Cunningham, comic book creator of “Men in Black” series

·        Kid Curry, a member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch

·        Beauford Delaney, artist

·        Joseph Delaney, artist

·        George Dempster, former Knoxville Mayor, Dempster Dumpster inventor

·        Eleanor Dickinson, artist

·        Steve Duncan, member of Grand Ole Opry

·        Milton Estes, Grand Ole Opry star

·        Roy Evans, Major League baseball player

·        Everly Brothers, singing duo

·        Faith Fancher, first African American woman television reporter in Knoxville

·        David Glasgow Farragut, American naval hero

·        Dave Foster, writer

·        Nikki Giovanni, writer

·        Daryl Green, writer

·        Alex Haley, American biographer, scriptwriter, famous author of the novel “Roots”

·        Jack Hanna, zoo director & animal adventurer, guest of David Letterman & other TV shows

·        William Henry Hastie, first African-American federal judge

·        Todd Helton, MLB’s Colorado Rockies first baseman & former UT player

·        Nora Hendrix, grandmother of Jimi Hendrix

·        Homer & Jethro, parody singers

·        Con Hunley, musician

·        Dennis Hwang, designs special logos for

·        JFG coffee

·        Caledonia Johnson, a slave who became Knoxville’s first millionaire

·        Judybats, band

·        David Keith, actor, won golden globe for “An Office and a Gentlemen” in 1982

·        General Henry Knox, military, city named after him

·        Johnny Knoxville (P.J. Clapp), actor and MTV funnyman

·        Charles Krutch, photographer

·        Joseph Wood Krutch, writer

·        Peyton Manning, NFL star and 2006 Superbowl champion for the Indianapolis Colts, former UT football player

·        Lowell Mason, “World’s Smallest Gospel Singer”

·        Mayfield Dairy

·        Cormac McCarthy, novelist

·        Walter “Brownie” McGee, guitarist & songwriter

·        George McMillan, writer & reporter

·        Scott Miller, musician for the “Blue Collar TV” series

·        Mountain Dew, soft drink

·        Ryan Murphy, creator of the acclaimed cable drama “Nip/Tuck”

·        Patricia Neal, actress

·        Lara Parker, TV actress

·        Dolly Parton, country music star, song writer, actress, author, owner of Dollywood

·        Chad Pennington, NFL star for the New York Jets

·        Petro’s Chili & Chips, restaurant began at 1982 World’s Fair Park in Knoxville

·        Dr. Jerry Punch, analyst on ESPN

·        Brad Renfro, movie actor, best known for acclaimed film “The Client”

·        John Rogers Sr., judge

·        Mitch Rouse, comedian & TV actor

·        Doris Sams, one of the first female baseball players

·        Edward Terry Sanford, Supreme Court Justice

·        Bessie Smith, Blues singer

·        Quentin Tarantino, actor & director of “Pulp Fiction” & “Kill Bill”

·        John Tate, WBA Heavyweight Champion

·        Bernard Taylor, one-time Olympian and former Top Featherweight Champion

·        Eddie Taylor, famous billiard player known as the “Knoxville Bear”

·        Tennessee Marbie, largely exported marble

·        Bob Thomas, actors, radio announcer, writer

·        Dave Thomas, Wendy’s Restaurant creator, worked at Regas Restaurant

·        Jake Thomas, actor on “Lizzie McGuire” TV show

·        Joyce Carol Thomas, writer

·        Joseph Reddeford Walker, founded Walker’s Pass in Yosemite

·        James Melvin Washington, writer

·        Tina Wesson, won one million dollars on TV’s “Survivor” in 2001

·        Hugh Lawson White, political leader

·        Reggie White, NFL star for the Green Bay Packers, former UT Defensive lineman

·        Ralph Wiley, Sports Illustrated & ESPN sports journalist