Getting around Gatlinburg is easy once you have a city map, found at the Welcome Center and most hotel desks, and a roll of quarters for the Trolleys.   With these 2 things you can get where you need to go with minimal delays and not worry about where to park the car.   The Trolleys run color-coded routes all over town, just ask your driver for help finding your way around.  For the more adventurous and those with strong calf muscles, walking is the way to go.....but be warned, Gatlinburg has only 2 kinds of streets....UPHILL and DOWNHILL.

The Gatlinburg Trollies are a great way to get a quick overview of the many studios, shops, and galleries in this working arts community.

When you are ready to do some serious shopping, bring your car. There is plenty of parking ( a real plus in Gatlinburg) at every shop in the Arts and Crafts Community.