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  • This was my business trip to Chiasso
  • Super Hotel / Super Host
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  • Wow. Exceptional, will be back!
  • Just amazing!
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  • Could be the most pleasant hotel stay in Europe.
  • Great place with very tasty food
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  • nicely located. quiet. friendly
  • Not a 2* hotel - it is lovely!
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  • Incredible location at a reasonable price
  • Fantastic Stay in Mürren
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  • Delightful, reliable Swiss comfort and hospitality
  • Great value - beats expectations for a 2 star hotel!
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  • Excellent hotel for the price
  • Outstanding!
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  • Fantastically Fun and Family Friendly
  • Wonderful hotel in stunning location
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  • Comfortable Hotel, Great Location, Amazing Views!
  • Top-notch hospitality. Stunning view from the room balcony! Highly recommended.
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  • Lovely staying and service
  • Simple and pleast stay.
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