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  • Wonderful
  • The Best Beach Holiday Ever
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  • Beautiful place, awsome staff and delicious food!
  • Amazing place
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  • Worth every penny!
  • Exceeded Expectations :)
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  • Gem that surprised and delighted us!
  • My Experience
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  • Excellent Facilities and People. A memorable stay for the whole family!!!
  • A very big zoo..... of wild animals! 👍
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  • Inside Masai Mara Park. Luxury tented accomodation
  • Touch of Modern and Ethnicity all in one
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  • Perfect is not enough to describe this place
  • Highly Recommended
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  • Food, Family, & Fabulous Accommodations.
  • Perfect- highly recommend
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  • Fantastic boutique hotel
  • Best hotel in Kenya
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  • Fabulous family holiday!!
  • Family Holidays
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