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  • EXCELLENT Ecolodge - 5 star experience!!
  • An amazing visit to a special place
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  • Put Down The Phone, Open Your Mind, Enjoy the Serenity of This Magical Resort
  • Rejuvenating Surf and Yoga
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  • La Loma was an experience that we will never forget.
  • Spectacular setting fabulous hosts, delicious food
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  • We want everyone we know (and like) to experience this magical eco boutique resort!
  • A Special Piece of Paradise
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  • Great hospitality!
  • Top Notch Hospitality
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  • Lovely oasis of green in Boquete
  • Great Green Getaway!
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  • We stayed for 3 months- why wouldn't you!
  • Come as guests, leave as friends
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  • Nature lovers choose this place!
  • After 5 weeks in Costa Rica and Panama, this was the best
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  • Wonderful Staff and Setting
  • Vacations 2018
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  • Wonderful gem in the middle of paradise!
  • Bluff Beach Retreat Boca Del Toro's Spring Break 2018
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