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  • Very good, busy but elegant hotel
  • Wonderful Bar!
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  • Wonderful stay and fabulous day spa!
  • Beautiful hotel!
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  • Fabulous
  • Perfect spot in Vancouver
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  • Amazing hotel from the minute we walked in
  • Best customer service in Toronto! Stunning/Luxurious!
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  • Supurb Hotel with service to match
  • Outstanding
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  • Perfectly located high class hotel
  • Great hotel for discovering Vancouver
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  • Fantastic location with amazing views and great food
  • More than an excellent hotel, a unique experience.
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  • Impressive
  • My new favorite hotel
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  • An excellent if rather short stay. A very centrally located hotel.
  • Great service, beautiful large rooms....
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  • Four Seasons Toronto - Caribana 2018
  • One of the Best
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