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  • Wonderful 1st visit to Slovenia, made extra special by Cubo
  • Marvelous
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  • There's something of a small country house party atmosphere at this lovely house. Beautiful walks, outstanding cuisine and impeccable hospitality.
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  • Amazing host.. perfect stay.. was really a home away from home..
  • Delightful Place, Wonderful Owner and Staff
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  • Wonderful
  • Great romantic escape
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  • A super little family hotel with everything you need for a great stay
  • Highly recommend
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  • Among the best boutique design hotels we ever stayed in
  • Wow! Must stay
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  • Charming restaurant with outstanding food and very knowledgeable and pleasant staff
  • Fantastic
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  • A Very Nice Family owned Hotel in Lake Bled
  • A beautiful and friendly family run hotel
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  • Topclass hotel with spirit
  • Beautiful hotel!
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  • Great accommodations and superb host
  • Amazing place to stay when visiting Bled, Slovenia
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