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  • Their lobby and courtyard are beautiful, and the views of the plaza and surrounding hills fantastic.
 The service was top-notch.
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  • a superb experience in the heart of the jungle
  • The amazon rainforest experience
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  • Great experience. Would love to come back!
  • Home away from home!
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  • Best in Cuenca
  • A true mansion
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  • Highly recommended and lived up to our expectations
  • Excellent hotel in the heart of Cuenca
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  • Great place to stay in the magic Galapagos
  • Perfect resort for Galápagos base
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  • Great Place in a Perfect Old Town Location
  • charming hotel in a great location
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  • I stayed the entire month of July, and I loved, loved, loved this amazing Resort and Spa.
  • Great Place Overall
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  • This is a real boutique hotel, such a gem !
  • Beautiful boutique, wonderful service!
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  • Crazy, amazing views and a quality place to stay as well.
  • Luxurious Accommodations and Restaurant
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