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  • There isn't a day that goes by that I don't dream of going back. We spent one week at Coco Plum and enjoyed every meal, every scenic view, and every second of our own paradise.
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  • Location, Condition and Service!
  • Terrific family vacation
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  • The perfect combination of serenity and action—you can sit by the pool or hike into the jungle or dive at one of the many offered dive spots.
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  • Very Attentive Staff and Beautiful Facilites
  • Wonderful well managed resort with wonderful staff in a perfect location.
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  • Perfect Vacation- Can't Wait to go Back!
  • Best family vacation ever!!!
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  • I was annoyed with my wife, not this gem of a resort
  • Resort and diving hit a home run
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  • Nothings impossible if you BELIZE it
  • Outstanding Family Visit!
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  • What a way to spend a honeymoon!!!!!!!!!
  • Truly a slice of heaven
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  • Beautiful secluded eco lodge with amazing activities nearby
  • Wow. Just wow.
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  • Perfection at Pelican Reef Villas
  • Beautiful comfortable property
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