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  • Very attentive staff - fantastic room with a balcony!
  • Fantastic meals!
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  • The best family suite we had during our trip, and really a western standard hotel
  • Delightful boutique hotel
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  • Gorgeous - Prime Location - Sanctuary in Shanghai
  • Well located - boutique Hotel
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  • An artful beauty and a warm, memorable experience
  • Restored architectural gem!
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  • A quaint Beijing hotel for the perfect Hutong experience!
  • Unique hotel in Beijing!
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  • Lovely old hotel with modern amenities
  • Creative Reataurant and Bars
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  • Dream hotel to start our honeymoon
  • Our favourite hotel on our trip
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  • Beautiful boutique hotel in stunning countryside outside of Yangshuo
  • Secret jewel of Youngshuo
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  • An unforgettable experience that is worth being shared with other travelers!
  • Songtsam Circuit
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  • Wonderful Boutique Hotel Experience in the heart of Hutongs
  • Unique Experience - Highly Recommend!
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