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  • Wonderful hotel, and spectaularly wonderful staff--the best
  • Excellent service
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  • Great Combination - Hotel and Restaurant
  • Destination wedding
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  • Wonderfully indulgent in a unique setting
  • Casa Santo Domingo is a destination itself
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  • Luxury, comfort, kindness AND a breakfast buffet!
  • An amazing place to stay with the friendliest staff!
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  • Unique and elegant colonial architecture venue
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  • Perfect Hotel for a Pre- or Post-Flight Stay in Guatemala City
  • Get a massage from Veronica!!!
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  • Expensive but worth it
  • Great hotel
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  • Great service. Highly recommend!!
  • Great hotel, great location and excellent people
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  • Excellent service and facilities for our global assembly
  • Location Was Only Issue
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  • Gorgeous, peaceful respite from busy town and market
  • Beautiful
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