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  • Over-the-top fabulous with incredible, impeccable collections of an amazing array of furniture, art, armor, architecture, music. The...
  • It is a completely contemporary museum with interactive exhibits, amazing shows and an incredible layout.
  • I've been visiting Chicago for 40 years, and on every visit, I go here. It never gets old. Paintings from every era, works from every...
  • The defining moment of the 21st century is burned into America's collective consciousness: Sept. 11, 2001. Ten years later, in the spot...
  • Rare opportunity to understand our naval history
  • You'll need more than a day, or even two, to cover this spectacular museum whose impressive collection includes works by Van Gogh,...
  • A thrill to see country music history unfold
  • Uniquely significant place in American history
  • The National Gallery is a terrific museum, combining grand architecture with an exceptionally varied art collection, sensitively...
  • Excellent museum! Blue Angel's show is a bonus.
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  • A-maze-ing Museum Featuring The Science Behind Pixar
  • Tucson treasure and a great place to hang out
  • Very interesting and teaching moment
  • A great visit -- even for locals!
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  • A very educational place for all ages.
  • Plan for a two-day visit
  • Dali and Clyde Butcher - St. Petersburg Treasures
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  • Must see museum on the Kennedy presidency
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