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  • Although many of the exhibits are disturbing, it is important that the war is not forgotten. Informative and solemn reminder of the...
  • The huge hangar with the pits where the terracotta warriors stand, each one unique—the archaeologists at work—an unforgettable...
  • A powerful museum. Touching experience. You will not leave as the same person you were entering.
  • Very Interesting
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  • Incredible, highly educational experience
  • Amazing collection of beautiful treasures
  • Armenian Genocide Museum
  • Explore the ethnic groups that make up Vietnam. The exhibition is both indoor and outdoor, with reproductions of the homes of different...
  • The horror of war, we should know more about
  • Absolutely incredible and filled with wonderful surprises
  • Must visit if you are in Bhopal...
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  • If you like woodworking and are in the Kobe area - I would not skip this!
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  • One of the best things to do in Singapore
  • If you can only get to one museum in Hong Kong...
  • Indian army has always made us proud
  • Unexpected European style museum in Tainan
  • Amazing experience, with free calligraphy lesson!
  • Victoria Memorial Hall is a MUST to see
  • Solemn, picturesque and memorable. A beautifully presented place that was the scene of much ugliness.